Class 6. Summer 2012.

 Clifford  Stoll on Tedd – 18 minutes with an agile mind

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Chapter 4 of the text.  Objects and Graphics

Materials from the author:

Starting with Zelle’s graphics library

Two others to try:

Graphics Reference (HTML)
Graphics Reference (PDF)

HW for Tuesday

  • Page 118, Exercsie 1
  • Page 118, Exercise 2
  • Choose 1 of exercises 7- 10, pages 118 and 119.

HW for Thursday

  • Modify exercise 2 so that all the circles are appropriately labels with point values as follows: a bull’s eye is worth 9 points and each successive ring is worth 2 points less down to 1 for white.
  • Exercise 11 page 120.

When you turn in the HW, send me by email the source for each program and a still or video capture of the output. You can use Jing to capture stills or video from your screen. Jing has free versions for PC and Mac.

We will spend a little more time working working with the graphics library. You can use this to get the experience you need to do the HW

Before goign to the graphics program we’ll see a brief video presentation

Hod Lipson builds “self-aware” robots | Video on

Graphics, another try with more specific instructions

Graphics Reference (HTML)
Graphics Reference (PDF)

Play out a video for the house.

Take a look at for information on how to display information on the screen

For lab. Modify,, so that it draws a pentagon rather than a triangle.

Take a look at the other programs in this chapter



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